The visit of King Charles 11 to Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury the visit by King Charles the 2nd in 1651

Salisbury Cathedral and the visit by King Charles the 2nd in 1651 is shown here in a railway poster by Claude Buckle. Part of the series of posters "where history lingers" which were done to connect historic events with well known places and railway destinations. Great image featuring the historical visit of King Charles II to Salisbury in 1651 featuring the King and his entourage all smartly dressed in colourful period fashion wearing hats and ruffs, the King holding a sword with a dog by his side, meeting bishops outside Salisbury Cathedral. (Charles escaped from England into exile in Europe following his defeat by Oliver Cromwell and Cromwell's New Model Army at the Battle of Worcester in 1651, marking the end of the English Civil War.)    1952       BACK