The goliath crane at Hinkley Point 1957

The commercial picture work of Claude Buckle

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Claude Buckle earned his living from painting a large number of posters and carriage prints for the regional railways. He was also able to find work from his time served as an architect. This included illustrations and oil paintings from the emerging atomic power industry and various new factories in the UK. A selection of these are shown in the Industrial Section. He started working as a commercial artist from 1930 to 1958 with the final picture being done for the 1958 Brussels world fare. After this very few commercial paintings appeared although some late railway posters were done but not signed. Below I show a selection from the carriage print series, railway posters, some general industrial scenes including a pencil sketch.


Two illustrations of carriage prints. For further examples please see the Railway Carriage Print section.

 MV Swan lake Windermere commercial picture by Claude Buckle

Issued in 1957 MV SWAN is shown in the British Railways Lake Windermere Service. The MV SWAN stills runs on Lake Windermere (2008). However this picture was painted before the ferry's bridge structure alterations were done. Medium water colour.

 Newby Bridge Lake Windermere

Issued in 1950 Newby Bridge is situated at the end of lake Windermere in Lancashire. This bridge still exists in identical form today. Medium water colour.

The two Railway posters shown below are classics from the 50s era. For further examples please see Posters section. The pencil drawing on the right is an example of other work in an industrial scene.

Plymouth devon railway poster

Plymouth in Devon produced for southern region of the Great Western Railways. Painted in the 50's. Tinside Pool and Smeaton's Tower the worlds first stone lighthouse can be seen.

Morecambe and Heysham railway poster

Morecambe and Heysham in Lancashire. British Railways. TSS Duke of Lancaster sailed from Heysham to Ireland regularly see carriage print section .

Morecambe and Heysham railway poster

A bottling plant. This pre war picture is a demonstration of the skill of pencil drawing. See the pencil drawing page for more examples.

Two illustrations of shop floor scenes that have survived. For further examples please see the industrial section.

The engineering magazine Howards Quarterley illustrated by the artist

2524 An illustration from Howdens Quarterly Summer 1952 edition 13.

Commercial painting of the machine shop

2520 The machine shop floor.

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