Water Colour Paintings of Boats on Water by Claude Buckle

Claude Buckle's highly refined treatment and skill at painting water is clearly shown in the many pictures of boats on water he painted. Arguably some of the best watercolours in the collection fall into this category. This theme amply demonstrates the artist's abilities of creating realism, motion, highlights and shadows, colouring subdued yet subtle, simple compositions and perfect proportioning.

The Buckle picture is one which tends to stay on the wall and indeed we have many examples of praise from owners who have done just that. The pictures have a tranquillity which blends into the background but seem to remain interesting through time.

Claude Buckle was a graphics artist and remained true to the representative style of painting which he had perfected over many years of hard work as a commercial railway poster painter. He continued to produce realistically styled art long after he gave up commercial work. In water colour painting Buckle dropped a lot of the rigid detail that he was used to putting in and painted in a more suggestive style commonly found in contemporary world. This mixture of suggestion but strong representation and art which is perfected to a high degree has ensured that the work is instantly recognizable.

This style of painting is well illustrated in many unsigned sketches of boats on water that he did. Two examples are shown below.

boatsketch1 boatsketch2

The images shown on this page are only a small representative set from the signed boat collection numbering more than fifty. In addition there are many more unsigned sketches. If you have one of these please get in touch.

Water colour paintings of boats by Claude Buckle

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