Water Colour paintings of figures by Claude Buckle

The subject matter of figure drawing is not something that Claude Buckle is particular well known for. However in the water colour paintings that he did, figure drawings became more and more prominent as the central part of the picture. Like architectural drawings and boats on water he was very successful at achieving high representational value and accuracy. He drew old men, women, girls and boys in many varied situations taking advantage of scenes from France and Spain. He seemed to have a liking for the Spanish women as in 'First Encounter' and drew many Spanish dancers.

Some scenes however are typical English like 'Summer Holidays'. .

The situational scene, as opposed to portrait drawing, seems to be also quite common as in 'The watchers'. In this particular style of painting the activity of the figures is the central theme often appearing without movement and in contemplation.

Claude Buckle also did portraits and the classic picture 'The Model' is a testament to this activity.

Water colour paintings of figures by Claude Buckle

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