Railway Poster of Plymouth Hoe by Claude Buckle

Plymouth: Delightful Centre for holidays  The Hoe

A view of Plymouth Hoe looking towards Drake's Island and Plymouth Sound captures this historic place. The most famous (but probably apocryphal) anecdote about Drake(see also the poster Drakes goes West)relates to the battle of the Spanish Armada. When he was informed he said there was still time to finish playing a game of bowls on Plymouth Hoe. Dominating the Hoe is Smeaton's Tower, constructed in 1759, once standing guard over the Eddystone Reef 20 miles off Plymouth. Moved to the Hoe in 1852 when its foundations started to collapse. This 1938 railway poster by Claude Buckle was clearly meant to attract tourists to the Hoe and the surrounding areas of Plymouth.    Date painted 1938 Lowe Brydome printers ltd GWR & SR       BACK