The painting Ireland Overnight by Claude Buckle

The overnight ferry to Ireland

This classic Claude Buckle quad railway poster shows the ferry T.S.S. Duke Lancaster mentioned previously in service between Ireland, Holyhead and Heysham. The original oil paintings are with the NRM. This poster probably represents the a high point of poster painting where the artists were encouraged to produced true works of art as this picture undoubtedly is. It was painted in the very early 60's and appears to be the last poster that was commissioned probably due to the Beeching cuts. Five published images of the BR ferries T.S.S. Duke Lancaster M.V. Cambria exist in total and are unique in the total poster collection of all artists. The original oil paintings of Ireland Overnight which can be viewed at the National Railway Museum NRM measured 101.6 by 126.8 cms and were painted at the true QUAD poster size.    Date of issue 1962 Haycock press ltd BR(LMR)      
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