An Oil painting by Claude Buckle Hunterston A

View of Hunterston A atomic power station
Claude Buckle’s commission to paint in oils Scotland’s first atomic power plant shows how industrial scenes can be shown very successfully. This is a typical style of the artist and which uses strong architectural representation and was very likely painted before construction of the plant began in 1957. The picture is an oil painting.

Hunterston A power station, located on a promontory of the Ayrshire coast near West Kilbride 30 miles South West of Glasgow, is a twin reactor Magnox power station now shutdown and being decommissioned. The station, Scotland's first civil nuclear generating station and, at the time of opening, the largest in operation anywhere in the world generated around 360MW of electricity during its 25 year life - enough electricity to supply 700,000 homes. (2014)

Created in 1957.
the certificate of authenticity for the picture
This picture is from a photograph supplied by the GEC group of companies.

The painting hung in the manager’s office (Geoge Mears) for much of the working life of Hunterston A. Former station manager’s secretary Hope Grant remembers the painting well. After Geoge Meers retired painting was left in the office.
Number of possibilities of where the painting is now.
1. Taken by member of staff
2. Sent to West Kilbride Museum
3. Currently in storage at A station
4. Destroyed
Jenna Kirk(daughter) lain Kirk, retired station accountant and deputy manager for Hunterston A investigating 7/8/2018