Revisions details

Revision 6/08/2012
  initial web site development started
Revision 24/09/2012
  added poster list and poster map
Revision 30/07/2012
  added boats.php, horses.php, figures.php
Revision 21/12/2012
  added email form for contact us from index.htm and enquiries.html
  added change list viewable from index.htm this file
Revision 19/2/2012
  added picture polperro to boats
  changed web host to 1&1
  revamped php page template for boats,figures,horses to fit linux server
Revision 8/4/2013
  improved google map for posters
Revision 30/4/2013
  revamped carriage print page
  added pencil drawing page 
Revision 24/5/2013 
  updated copyright statement 
Revision 9/1/2014
  added 'Henry' to first page. 
  Improved contact information allowing the use of the email address. 
  Corrected faults in online shop.
  Added and email address
Revision 18/2/2014
  updated the following pages to new format:- river scenes, marine, buildings, industrial
 (all pages are now complete)
Revision 3/4/2014
  update to fineartandcommercial data base 20140403
  update to poster page including posters data base 20140403
Revision 10/4/2014
  update to fineartandcommercial and posters data base 20140410
  update to pencils including images water mark
  update to posters including images water mark
Revisions 11/4/2014
  update to home page added water mark to images
  update to gallery page added water mark to images
  update to artist page added water mark to images
  update to boats page added water mark to images
  update to horses page added water mark to images
  update to rivers page added water mark to images
  update to figures page added water mark to images
Revisions 14/4/2014
  update to marine page added water mark to images
  update to buildings page added water mark to images
  update to commercial page added water mark to images
  update to carriages page added water mark to images
  update to industrial page added water mark to images
  published cathedrals page revision
  update to cathedrals page added water mark to images
Revisions 15/4/2014
  Final release of website subversion revision 133(HOME) 134(data)
Revisions 20/6/2014
  Minor changes to gallery and associated html pages
  Changes to home:
    added copyright statement, 
    updated privacy statement, 
    updated index.htm for cookie statement and inclusion of copyright statement, 
    updated sunlightlarge.html 
    subversion 156
Revisions 25/6/2014
  amended copyright statement
  changed meta email address to Now email meta is either or
  subversion 158 web pages 
  subversion 159 data base
Revisions 29/10/2014
  subversion 212 data base fineartandcommercial updated
  updated index.htm, picturelistpage.css, pictures.css, style.css
  new templatemo_style.css
  new imageslider.js (in common)
  new images for index.htm
  updated footer.php, header.php, subjectmatter.php, subjectmatters.php (in common)
  updated map/map.php (in common)
  new pictures.css, picturelistpage.css, style.css (in posters)
  updated map.php, posters.html (in posters)
  updated commercial.html
  updated gallery.html
  new images (in gallery page)
  new templatemo_style.css (in gallery page)
  new picture.php (in gallery page)
  new baththegeorgiancity.jpg, civiccentrecardiff.jpg, hinkleygoliathpencil.jpg, lichfieldposter.jpg, sunset.jpg (in gallery page)
  new thamessailingbarge.jpg, thethatcheroriginal.jpg, treesvlarge.jpg (in gallery page)
  subversion 219
  subversion 221
  change name thamessailingbarge to humberkeelbarge
  updated database to fineartandcommercial20150304 posters and portfolio not updated
  subversion 280
 Revisions 7/7/2015
  Made home page iphone compatable
  Added to home page news items Henley Royal Regatta, Cowes Week, Magna Carta at Durham
  subversion 396
 Revisions 3/6/2016  
  Added news page
  Archive and Portfolio pages removed from menus
  Posters page changed meta title and other SEO data 
  Updated home page to include improvement on main write up, menu stops at commercial, updated like it button 
  Menu structure on all pages now consistent with first page
  subversion 509
  updating menus to replace posters.html by posters.php and poster.php 
  subversion 511
  Update Holyroodhouse and Falkland palace to say where the original artwork is city art centre, Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery Fife
  Maps: Listing link now at top and bottom of page. Zoom set to 8 instead of 16 so more markers are visible when centre map is selected. All maps now identical with the  posters location map.
  subversion 515
  gallery page now iphone compatible
  subversion 516
  biography (including individual pictures) and commercial page now iphone compatible
  subversion 520
 Revisions 11/8/2017
  Added full menu to index and gallery
  Added direct links to on relevant pages
  subversion 662
 Revisions 09/10/2018
  Added email to home page
  Corrected SEO on poster pages
  subversion 781
 Revisions 28/11/2018
   corrupt URL re-directs to page not found page in all situations
   links added if image has a print for sale in the shop
   subversion 789
 Revision 17/12/2018
   links added if the image has a print for sale in the shop. E.g durham cathedral.
   menu added to single image pages including posters
   subversion 795 ?
 Revision 18/8/2019
   Moved last updated to top of page and updated copyright to 2019 now increments automatically
   Updated dates on newspage so that it looks up to date
   subversion 835
 Revision 24/9/2019
   corrected BACK/NEXT small screen error
   subversion 843
 Revision 24/9/2019
   Privacy statement added to top of page (can be clicked on)
   subversion 890
 Revision 8/5/2020
   Updated poster pages with info on dates and publishing comanpanies
   Added light box to poster pages
   subversion 913
 Revision 12/8/2021
   Updated privacy policy statement at the top of each page
   Updated links for images which have a print for sale in the shop
   subversion 992
 Revision 16/11/2021
   added #tag france and spain to index.htm and gallery.html
   subversion 997
 Revision 17/3/2024
   updated google analytics and privacy notice and stockists information
   subversion 1107